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Hair Oil Fragrances

If only someone can make this herbal oil smell nice...
...then one can apply it without headache and discomfiture

This thought, we are sure must have crossed your mind every time you look at your herbal hair oil. Attraction towards fragrance is well justified by presence of scent streak in the brain of humans and rarely, there is any person who does not appreciate a good perfume. Fragrance appeals to people and generates a feeling of joy and love. Fragrance has a special role to play in hair oils as the scents which the hair oil imparts to hair are widely appreciated.

Hair oil industry is age old in India and widely recognized due to its household usage. The benefits of various herbs in combination with plant oils is harnessed for beautiful hair, however the major drawback faced by hair oil industry is the hair oil ingredients, that is strong smell of herbs due to which the usage and popularity is adversely impacted. Introduction of perfume in hair oils is a revolutionary step and is well appreciated by consumers.

Overcoming the natural unattractive odor of herbs with perfume is necessary to make the oil smell nice along with its excellent properties. Fragrance is of utmost important to substantiate oil and we excel in creating the blend of perfumes for your oil!

Rishabh Industries is a pro in fragrance industries and has necessary expertise entailed:


Totally equipped to create hair oil fragrances to overcome natural unpleasant odor of herbal extracts added to hair oil like amla., shikakai, brhami, reetha and many more
Every single chemical is tested in perfume free hair oil base containing herbal extracts
Fully competent to test the stability of molecules in hair oil base
Diffusion of chemical in hair oil base is given utmost importance
Ensuring that the fragrance overpowers the foul odor of herbal extracts
Expertise in creating the hair oil perfumes with chemicals which ensures better stability and overcomes the foul smell of base oil
Customized perfumes created on the basis of herbal extracts in hair oil

Wide range of fragrances of popular herbal extracts available with us

Benefits of herbal hair oil to hair have long been appreciated and it is a household item. Herbal extracts are added to hair oil to increase the properties of oil and herbs like amla, shikakai etc when become hair oil ingredients imparts their significant smell to hair oil which is not a pleasant odor. We, at Rishabh Industries are competent to add fragrance to these herbal hair oils.

We test the chemicals in perfume free hair oil base enriched with herbal extracts to create hair oil perfumes and also ensure the molecular stability in oil base. Diffusion of perfume chemical is of utmost importance as the perfume should spread in surrounding air.

We offer complete array of smells of amla, shikakai, modern green chypre and fougere herbal concepts. Special customized services to design a fragrance tailor-made for your product are also offered by us. Just consider, if your hair oil has amla and shikakai herbs, then we can create an amalgamation of scents of these two herbs and create hair oil fragrance for you.

Herbal oils are extremely beneficial but people refrain from them because of the foul smell they emanate. A soothing fragrance with benefits of herbs is an excellent combination and everyone would love to pick that bottle of hair oil off the shelf.

We understand the fragrances and have the capability to bestow that irresistible much required fragrance to your oil!!